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We love our cars.  We depend on them to get us to work, shuttle our children from place to place, or maybe even take a weekend drive.  For some of us, our vehicle is how we express ourselves with funny or witty bumper stickers.  What we need is for our vehicle to keep us and our families safe while accomplishing our daily goals.  Auto Insurance helps to protect the investment we have made in the vehicles that we need and love.

In the case of an accident, automobile insurance is designed to protect the people and property involved.  Our agency has access to some of the highest rated auto insurance carriers in the industry so that we can ensure that you and your family have the appropriate coverage to protect you in case of an accident while making every dollar count.

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Bodily Injury

Also known as Liability Coverage, is the coverage that is mandatory by the state.  It is the part of the auto policy that covers the bodily injury done to someone else in the event of an accident and you are at fault. Bodily injury coverage can be extended with an umbrella policy.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

An uninsured motorist simply does not have current or valid insurance.  An underinsured motorist does not have enough coverage on their current policy to cover the bodily injury that they are responsible for.  This is a very important coverage because it ensures that there will be money available to pay for injuries done to you or your passengers in the case you are in an accident that is not your fault.  This is a state mandatory coverage but can be removed by signing a waiver.

Medical Coverage

This is a no-fault coverage that provides money for medical expenses like ambulance bills, ER bills, or even a chiropractic visit.  No-fault means that it doesn’t matter who is at fault in the accident.  You have access to that coverage and money to handle your initial medical needs.

Collision Coverage

A collision is the impact of your vehicle with another object.  That object could be a car, a stationary object, or even debris in the road.  Insurance companies consider a collision avoidable and if a collision claim is filed it will go onto your driving record.  This is the coverage that is used to repair physical damage done to your vehicle or replace your vehicle when you are at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage is also known as Other than Collision Coverage.  This coverage is used to repair physical damage done to your vehicle or to replace your vehicle in those circumstances that it is not a collision event.  Examples of this are events like hail damage, a tree limb falling on your car, or event theft of the vehicle.

Additional Coverage

This coverage includes coverages like Towing and Labor, Rental Reimbursement, and Glass Coverage.  Though these are extra coverages on the policy, having these add-ons can make an event easier to deal with.  Each carrier that we represent has different packages and programs in place. 

Rideshare Coverage

This coverage is designed for drivers that make a living through Uber and Lyft.  It provides coverage after the rideshare driver has accepted the fare and is on their way to pick-up their client.  Once the client has entered the vehicle your personal auto insurance is no longer in effect, but the insurance policy owned by Uber or Lyft goes into effect.  If this coverage is not accepted, then the rideshare driver is temporarily uninsured while they are driving to pick-up their client.

Auto, Home, Life, Motorcycle & Commercial Insurance

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