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Our homes are very special places.  It’s the place that we grow up in, celebrate birthdays and holidays in, and it is what protects our family and our assets.  We work hard every day so that we can afford our homes.  Our home is the greatest asset we have.  Homeowners insurance is designed to provide the coverage that we need to ensure that if this asset were to be damaged or destroyed that we will have the resources needed to repair it. 

Our agency’s goal is to ensure that your homeowners’ policy is designed to the unique needs of your family while looking at multiple carriers to find you the most affordable premium.

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This coverage is also known as Replacement Cost.  The Dwelling is the foundational coverage of a homeowner’s policy and is the most important coverage of the policy.  It is the coverage that several other coverages on the policy are based on.  The Dwelling amount is determined by the cost per square foot to rebuild the home and does not include the value of the land or the foundation that the home is built on.

Separate Structures

This is designed to cover the exterior structures of a home like a fence, detached garage, or shed.  Typically, the amount of coverage available for Separate Structures is determined as a percentage of the Dwelling amount.  Most insurance companies will allow for an increase or decrease of the percentage depending on your need.

Extended Dwelling Coverage

Provides additional Dwelling coverage typically in increments of a 10%, 25%, or 50% increase.  This coverage is in place essentially as an inflation guard.  The insurance company knows that the cost of materials and labor will only increase over time and this coverage provides additional Dwelling coverage over time.

Additional Living Expenses

In the event that you couldn’t live in your home due to a covered loss, Additional Living Expenses provides a financial resource for shelter, food, medicines, or clothing.  It is designed to cover a families’ basic needs during an event.  The amount of coverage available is a percentage of the Dwelling.

Personal Property

This coverage is designed to cover the property in your home that is not attached to or part of the Dwelling.  It covers your furniture, clothes, electronics, kitchenware, and much more.  Think of it like this, if you could pop the roof off your house, pick the house up, flip it upside down and shake it, all of the “stuff” that fell out would be your Personal Property.  The amount of coverage available is a percentage of the Dwelling.

Personal Liability

Is the second most important coverage on your policy.  Personal Liability is the financial barrier between you and your assets and the outside world.  This coverage is designed to provide coverage in the case of negligence or a lawsuit that is brought against you due to negligence. Personal Liability coverage can be extended with an umbrella policy.

Actual Cash Value

Is the depreciated market value of an item.  Over time, the value of most items decreases with age so that if an item has been damaged, destroyed, or stolen it would be replaced at a depreciated amount.

Replacement Cost

Is the cost to replace an item that has been damaged, destroyed, or stolen with “same, like, kind”.  The original cost of the item as well as its age do not determine the value.  The only thing that is taken into consideration is replacing the item with an item that is similar.

Medical Payments

This coverage is designed to cover the initial medical needs of someone who is not a household member that has been injured while on your property.  It is designed to cover things like an ER, ambulance, chiropractor, or dentist bill.

Building Ordinance or Law

The city and county change their code requirements quite often.  In the case of an event that damages your home it will be required that those updated code requirements are met.  Building Ordinance or Law covers the cost to bring those components of the repair up to the city or county’s code requirements.

Sewer & Water Back-up

This coverage is designed to cover the mitigation (removal and sanitation) of your home as well as the replacement of personal property that has been exposed to the back-up of sewage water into the home.  Depending on the carrier, this can include the replacement of the sump pump.

Service Line Coverage

Your home has a main sewer and water line that runs out to the city’s main line.  If that main line becomes damaged or has become obstructed, it can be the cause of a sewer and water back-up into your home.  Service Line provides coverage to clear the line or excavate and replace the line.  In most situations it is a not a question of if it will happen but when will it happen.


This is the amount that you pay in the case that you have filed a claim.  This amount is deducted from the settled amount on the claim.  The lower the deductible the higher your insurance premium and the higher the deductible the lower your insurance premium will be.  This is the greatest lever you have available to you to control your premium.

Auto, Home, Life, Motorcycle & Commercial Insurance

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